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Nootropic Zone brings you impartial, unbiased, scientifically-valid advice on natural cognitive enhancement, sleep hacking, and more!
Nootropic Zone provides the most scientifically-accurate and impartial nootropic supplement advice on the internet. Leveraging years of experience using and experimenting with cognitive enhancing supplements, Julien Vissers is able to give you the best advice when it comes to bio-hacking with natural brain supplements.
Julien has extensive experience dealing with natural nootropic supplements. He has experimented with natural cognitive enhancers himself for a decade. He has a degree in Philosophy from a leading European University. He then completed several post-graduate qualifications in everything from psychology to public health.

Julien became infuriated with the poor quality of the sites he saw giving out advice on the use of nootropics. He routinely saw sites giving out advice that had no scientific backing whatsoever; pseudo-science and money-fueled spin prevailed over hard data and science.

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